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Mīndex is a database application that enables you to index your mind! Mīndex is perfect for indexing scripture quotes, prophecies, research notes, recipes, and just about anything you can think of.

With Mīndex, you can:

  • Create a collection of records, and then assign one or more index entries to each record for later retrieval. There is no limit to the number of index entries that can be assigned to each record.
  • Create index entries in a hierarchical format. The index is displayed in a treeview format. There is no limit to the depth of the index hierarchy.
  • Include multiple versions of the same record. This feature is great for comparing passages of scripture from different translations. Includes font support for Greek and Hebrew, so you can store the passage in its original language.
  • Filter and sort records by index entries or other metadata.
  • Save your own notes with each record.
  • Store documents directly in the database, or link to external documents.

Currently in development, The Adoristrator will be a full-featured program for managing Eucharistic Adoration at your parish. The Adoristrator is a Web-based database application that uses the latest visual calendar controls to provide visual manipulation of adorers and worship times.

With The Adoristrator, you can:

  • Easily enter new adorers and their scheduled times.
  • Schedule other events such as Masses, penance services, etc.
  • Print lists of adorers by worship time or alphabetically.
  • Coordinate substitutes.
  • Print signup sheets and track attendance.

Both programs are currently being developed. Check back often for status updates.