Trumpet Seven Productions offers a full range of musical services for every kind of production. Music sets the mood and makes a powerful impact on the overall production. Custom music provides exclusivity for your production that just can't be achieved with generic, canned music. I can enhance your project with custom music of just about any style. Please take a moment to browse through the list of services offered. Then give me a call and get ready to liven up your production with great music!



Computer Game Soundtracks

Not too long ago, audio for computer games was limited to a few beeps and blips. In recent years, however, game audio has evolved tremendously. These days, many games have a significant musical soundtrack that is recorded and delivered in CD-quality stereo, and even in surround sound. It is becoming more and more common for games to have full orchestral scores recorded by a live orchestra.

Trumpet Seven Productions can create music for your game in any style, ranging from primitive MIDI tracks to a full orchestral score. Using a wide array of electronic instruments and software samplers, I can create a virtual orchestra for your game. Please see my samples page and check out some of my orchestral clips. Then, give me a call when you're ready to start!


Video/Film Soundtracks

No video or film is complete without music. A proper musical score sets the mood of the production and evokes every kind of emotion. It is critical to match the style of music to the overall emotional effect you want to achieve. Let Trumpet Seven Productions create a powerful score for your film or video. Whether you're looking for a full orchestra, light pop, jazz, new age, or any other style, Trumpet Seven Productions is ready to help you realize your vision.


Radio & Television

Looking for a catchy jingle or tune for a radio or television spot? Trumpet Seven Productions can create original, exciting music for your marketing production. I also specialize in:

  • Theme music
  • Station IDs
  • Musical logos


Corporate Presentations

Looking for a way to add some life to a corporate video? A good music score can be a breath of fresh air for any production. Music can break up monotony and help keep the audience's attention. The right music has the power to make a dull presentation seem pretty good, and it can make a good presentation even more effective! Some possible corporate uses for custom music include:

  • Safety and Training videos
  • Marketing videos
  • Infomercials
  • Training and information cassettes
  • Music-on-hold (see below)



Music-on-hold is an exciting, low cost marketing strategy for any business that regularly puts callers on hold. While callers wait, they can listen to a promotional piece that tells them about your company, products and/or services that you offer, monthly or seasonal specials and promotions, or anything else that you want them to hear. This makes a whole lot more sense than just playing the radio. For one thing, it may be difficult or impossible to decide on a radio station that reflects your company's image. Also, there is always the potential that your callers may actually be listening to a radio ad for your competition (yikes)! And finally, playing the radio over the telephone is actually rebroadcasting the music, which requires that you pay royalties to the license owners of the music.

You can avoid all these pitfalls and actually increase sales by using a customized music-on-hold message from Trumpet Seven Productions. If necessary, we can also provide the hardware that you will need to make music-on-hold work for you. Call now for details.



Custom music can add an exciting dimension to any multimedia production. Let Trumpet Seven Productions create music for your Flash animations, software packages, presentations, computer or web-based training, websites, etc.


MIDI Sequencing

Are you a school choir or drama director thinking of putting on a musical, but you have no orchestra? Let Trumpet Seven Productions render an electronic, but realistic version of the score. Or maybe you're a singer/songwriter and you want to hear a full-blown arrangement of your song or record a demo tape. Trumpet Seven Productions can easily handle these projects so your production can become a reality. Other applications for MIDI sequencing include practice tapes for singers or choirs, music minus vocals (karaoke), transposing music to any key, and original arrangements.


Audio Restoration

Do you have a favorite old vinyl album that was never released on CD? Do you have old cassettes, 8-tracks, or even reel-to-reel tapes that you would like to put on CD? Now you can take old audio that was recorded on fragile analog media and preserve it in a much more permanent and user friendly digital format. Using modern digital audio processing software, it is possible to remove clicks, pops, hiss, and other unwanted noises from the original media.



If you live in the Houston area, I am available to play piano for weddings, banquets, parties, or any other special event. Call for rates and availability.



Trumpet Seven Productions is ready to serve you for all your custom music needs no matter what type of production you are doing. If you are working on a production that you did not see listed above, that doesn't mean I can't help you. Please call for a consultation. I'm ready to help with all of your special music needs.