This page has several samples of my music in various styles. Click the audio icon to immediately listen to a sample, or right-click the icon and select Save Target As to download the Windows Media Audio (WMA) file to your computer.

In order to conserve bandwidth, most samples are medium-quality WMAs, and they are only an ex-cerpt of the song. However, songs with the icon are full-length, high-quality WMAs.

Download samples and prayer music

You are free to use all of this music for your personal enjoyment. Of course, you may not sell the music or use it in any production. Some of these pieces are available to license for your production. Contact me for more information.


Liturgical Music
(samples on separate pages)
Mass Settings Choral Music Psalm Settings Funeral Music

Hymn Arrangements
  Amazing Grace* (not available)   Holy, Holy, Holy* (not available)
  Hail Holy Queen   Immaculate Mary
  Were You There   Nativity Hymn(original hymn by Ken)

* These songs appear on The Road Home by Paul David.

Orchestral Music
  Christ the King Overture   Fanfare in Five
  Graduation Overture   Doloroso

Pop Music/Light Piano
  Felicity   I Believe in You(music minus vocals)
  Faith in the Father(music minus vocals)   Song in Ab(music minus vocals)
  Song in Eb   Waltz for the Unborn
  Ambrosio's Theme   Doloroso(piano)

  The Real Job (And Why We Have One)

New Age/Ethnic Music
Note: New Age is a genre of music.  I do not endorse or promote any New Age theology.
  Mystery   Larimbala
  Abandoned Child  

This stuff doesn't fit in any other category .
  Anger   Calliope (not available)