Music for Roman Catholic Liturgy

Trumpet Seven Productions has a growing selection of liturgical music ranging from Psalm settings and Mass parts set for piano and cantor, to SATB choral pieces. Most of my liturgical music might be considered "contemporary" music, but I strive for a more traditional sound and a strictly orthodox theology. It is intended to be a refreshing alternative to the liturgical music of the 60s and 70s that has overwhelmed the American Catholic Church and is still widely overused today.

I take great care to write lyrics that faithfully represent orthodox Catholic teaching rather than bowing to the modernists' politically correct (but theo-logically incorrect) theology. 

Click any of the links below to hear samples and to order.

Prayer Music

Inspired by the prayer blanket ministry, this is no ordinary Christian music. These pieces are offered free of charge. I am currently soliciting prayer volunteers to pray not only for the production of this music, but also for the eventual listeners, and for the specific intentions of each song. This is a very important and spiritually powerful project! To download prayer music and learn more about this project, click here.


Music for Media

Trumpet Seven Productions can provide music for your Christian film, video, television program, or any other media production. If you are a producer of Christian media, let Trumpet Seven Productions enhance your production with a powerful musical score or a catchy theme song. Click here for samples, or visit my secular music page to learn about other music services I offer that may benefit your Christian production or organization.