The End Times—A Possible Sequence of Events

by Ken Holtgrewe
Updated 11/1/2005

The following is a possible sequence of end-times events, based on Scripture, Church Fathers, Saints, and Church-approved apparitions. This sequence is a work in progress, and I am always updating it and changing things around as I learn more (and as events prove me wrong). In the past year, I have learned much about the New World Order (NWO) and their evil plans for global government. I have tried to incorporate some of this information into the outline. At this point, this is just a rough outline, and I admit that I have not been scholarly by including proper references for each event. I plan to add those references, along with greater details, at a later date.

I humbly submit to the authority of the Church in all doctrinal matters. If it turns out that anything here is against Church teaching, it is due to my ignorance and definitely unintentional! Please don't call me a heretic!

Proper Approach to Prophecy

A few other disclaimers are in order. First of all, as should be obvious, the study of prophecy is never an exact science. Although we can trust that the Bible is infallible, we cannot trust our own imperfect interpretation of various scriptural prophecies. Non-biblical sources of prophecy are even more dubious. Nevertheless, we should not "despise" prophecy (see 1 Thess. 5:16-22). We should always be cautious and discern with prayer, but we should approach it with an open mind.

Secondly, prophecy can be conditional, and the way things actually turn out depends on our response. If we repent of our sins and turn back to God, then some of the more ominous things may be mitigated or even prevented.

Thirdly, prophecy is not intended to frighten us. Prophecy should inspire us to reform our lives and be ready to meet our Lord when He calls us. End times prophecy should inspire hope, not fear.

But we know not the day nor the hour...

To those who insist that we shouldn't waste our time with this kind of stuff because "we know not the day nor the hour," I offer the following rebuttal. In the Gospels, Jesus was very specific that we know not the day nor the hour of His return. However, far from discouraging us from being vigilant and observing the “signs of the times,” Jesus encourages us to look for these signs:

Learn a lesson from the fig tree. When its branch becomes tender and sprouts leaves, you know that summer is near. In the same way, when you see all these things, know that he is near, at the gates (Matt. 24:32-33).
Therefore, stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come. Be sure of this: if the master of the house had known the hour of night when the thief was coming, he would have stayed awake and not let his house be broken into. So too, you also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come (Matt. 24:42-44).

The biggest indication that Our Lord wants us to concern ourselves with end times prophecy is the mere fact that Holy Scripture is loaded with it in both the old and new testaments. Why would God give us this information if He didn’t want us to know it? In fact, Jesus is clear that the purpose of this knowledge is to encourage us and give us hope:

There will be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars, and on earth nations will be in dismay, perplexed by the roaring of the sea and the waves. People will die of fright in anticipation of what is coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. But when these signs begin to happen, stand erect and raise your heads because your redemption is at hand (Luke 21: 25-28).

Those who are not familiar with the signs of the times will “die of fright in anticipation of what is coming upon the world,” while those who have studied the signs and are familiar with end times prophecy (and more importantly, with the Gospel message of Jesus) can “stand erect and raise their heads” with the knowledge that their “redemption is at hand.” Which group would you rather be in? True, we are not to know the exact moment of Our Lord’s return, but most of the prophecies and events that I have listed below are regarding events other than Jesus' return. According to prophecy, there are many events that must take place before Jesus returns. I am not trying to pinpoint exact dates. Rather, I am attempting to provide a general sequence of events that must occur (or at least might occur) before Jesus’ return.

So with that said, here goes.

The Minor Tribulation

  • 9/11 was one of many events planned by the globalist elite over class (which I will henceforth simply call the "NWO") with the intention of eventually leading to WWIII. While the actual people who carried out the attacks may or may not have been militant Muslim extremists, the true planners of the event were NWO operatives—most likely Western intelligence agencies along with a select group of high-level government officials. The intentions of 9/11 were to spark a conflict between the West and Islam, and for the U.S. to establish a permanent military base in Iraq and Afghanistan from which to launch future operations. But perhaps even more insidious is the treasonous plan to "neutralize" the United States in order to create a global, one-world government and religion. The people of the U.S. would never allow such a scheme if it were proposed in the open, so the NWO must resort to lies and deceit, treachery and treason to achieve their goals.

    Although the NWO conspiracy is a global operation, I will focus here on their actions in the U.S. Their strategy is almost identical in other nations. The NWO has systematically dismantled the U.S. in the following ways:
    • Using Hegelian Dialectics to increasingly polarize the U.S. into "left" and "right" camps—liberals vs. conservatives; Democrats vs. Republicans. Although there are legitimate differences between the two camps (especially regarding abortion and the gay agenda), all Americans need to realize that the NWO, led by the national media, has created these divisions. They are staging and deliberately exacerbating the division because they know that a nation divided cannot stand. Americans are increasingly beginning to realize that with few exceptions, there is no real difference between Republicans and Democrats in government. The NWO has almost completely infiltrated the Senate, and has mostly infiltrated the House. The presidency has been owned by the NWO for at least the past 100 years, if not longer.
    • Using terrorism and the resulting "war on terror" to scare the public into submission to the federal government. The Patriot Act was a sham designed to strip us of our constitutional rights and civil liberties. FEMA is a NWO organization created not by Congress, but by executive order, that has supra-constitutional (i.e. unconstitutional) powers. The ultimate goal of all of this is for the government to be able to create some crisis (say a nuclear or biological terror attack in one or more of our cities), and then respond with martial law and a total federal takeover. The NWO wants to toss out the 2nd amendment and confiscate guns (as we saw in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina) because that will make it so much easier for the globalists when martial law is declared.
    • Infiltrating religious institutions, including the Catholic Church to some extent. Liberal churches preach the NWO doctrines of "tolerance" and "non-judgmentalism." Doctrines that are not "ecumenical" are discouraged in favor of a universal religion that does not resemble Christianity in the slightest way. The so-called "gay subculture" in the Catholic Church has led to countless sex scandals that diminish the Church's authority and respectability, and leach millions of dollars in lawsuits.

      American churches bow to the federal government by refraining from suggesting to their members how to vote in order to maintain their golden calf of tax exempt status. Americans have been confused by the false notion of "separation of church and state." This confusion has allowed the secularists to push God and religion ever farther out of public life.

      Perhaps most insidiously, so-called "conservative" politicians (also known as "neo-conservatives" or just "neocons." Note that neocons are not conservatives at all. In fact, they originated from a group of communists that were disgruntled with Stalin and followed Leon Trotsky instead.) have duped millions of true conservatives into supporting them based on their stated position on social issues such as abortion, gay rights, euthanasia, stem cell research, etc. These duplicitous politicians have actually done nothing to further the conservative cause on any of these issues, but to the contrary, have made the situation much worse. Because of the false left/right dialectic that the NWO has set up, true conservatives fall right into the trap and blame these failures on the liberals (mainly the media and communist groups such as the ACLU) when in fact it is their own neocon leadership that is deliberately failing them. Furthermore, these ignorant conservatives will blindly follow their leaders into war (against the admonition of the Pope), support torture, assassination, and even the use of nuclear weapons. The conservative sheep gladly give up their rights and civil liberties in order to have more centralized federal control. If you are one of these conservatives, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SULPHUR NOW!!! Would Jesus support these things?
    • Saturating our economy with unsustainable debt, both personal and national.
    • Allowing nearly uncontrolled immigration.
    • Exporting our manufacturing base overseas. This is accomplished under the guise of "free trade" agreements with regional trade "blocks," which are just stepping stones to world government. Examples are the EU, NAFTA, CAFTA, and eventually the FTAA. CAFTA was barely passed in the U.S. Congress (by two questionable votes), and the globalists had to cheat in order to get it passed.
    • Ensuring that the U.S. remains dependent on foreign oil.
    • Restricting religious liberty by enforcing the globalist doctrine of "tolerance." One way this is done is by creating "hate crimes" laws which make it a crime for Christians to speak out against homosexuality, or abortion, or any other abomination that the NWO wants to allow.
    People in the U.S. and Europe are becoming increasingly aware of the globalist NWO conspiracy and are rejecting it in growing numbers. A great example of this is when liberals and conservatives united in France and the Netherlands to overwhelmingly reject the E.U. constitution. But if history is a guide, the will of the people has no meaning to the globalist elite. They will always find some way to sneak around the will of the people and get their plans enacted. But lately they have become extremely aggressive and belligerent, and their corruption is becoming more and more apparent to more and more people. The prophecies point to some kind of civil war or revolution. This may arise as a result of the NWO recklessly leading us into WWIII by expanding the war on terror to Syria, Iran, or other nations. Or it may arise if the corruption of the NWO is exposed and they react violently to try to keep their power.
  • Increased disturbances in nature (earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, etc.). This may also include a cosmic event involving an asteroid or comet.
  • Pope John Paul II dies (naturally) and is replaced by a pope whom St. Malachy described as "The Glory of the Olive." Our new pope, Benedict XVI, fits this prophecy well since the Benedictines are also called the Olivetans. It is said that St. Benedict himself prophesied that towards the end of the world, someone from his Order would triumphantly lead the Church in its struggle against the evil forces of the time, but he did not specifically say this person would be the pope. Although Pope Benedict XVI is not a Benedictine (Or is he? Some say he is!), he seems to fulfill the prophecy nicely just by taking the name Benedict.
  • Revolution breaks out in Italy and France. The conflict spreads to most of Europe, and may eventually evolve into WWIII (or it may be a result of WWIII). The conflict might involve "kings of the east," and the Muslims are also involved.
    • Pope makes some kind of decree that triggers the revolution. There is no question that Pope Benedict XVI is a staunchly orthodox Pope who will challenge the rising tide of secularism and the NWO. John Paul II was a staunch opponent of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and so was Benedict XVI. It may be that Benedict XVI speaks out strongly against further U.S. military action in Syria or Iran.
    • The reign of Benedict XVI will be fairly short (one prophecy says only four years). Out of love and respect for our current pope, I will not go into detail regarding what the prophecies seem to say about the unhappy end of his pontificate.
    • Damascus is attacked (nuked?) by Israel (Isaiah 17:1-5; Jeremiah 49:23-27). The NWO has created an unholy alliance with the United States, Britain, and Israel. On more than one occasion, Israel has been caught attacking the United States and then blaming it on Arabs in order to get the U.S. to retaliate against the Arabs (e.g. the U.S.S. Liberty). Senior officials in the U.S. government were aware of the true nature of these attacks, but they did nothing against Israel, and the crimes were covered up. Although Israel has nuclear weapons of its own, it may be that Israel somehow manipulates the U.S. into attacking Syria by staging an attack on the U.S. and blaming it on Syria. As of this writing, the neocons in Washington are already banging the drums of war and setting up Syria to be the next target for "regime change."

Restoration of Order—The Era of Peace

  • The revolution in Italy eventually causes the pope to flee from Rome where he will go into hiding. At that point, things won't be pretty for the Church.
  • About 25 months will pass after the death of Benedict XVI before the next pope is chosen. It is probably during this vacancy that the following will occur:
    • The warning—a supernatural event in which everyone in the world will simultaneously see their soul as God sees them. This event will cause many to repent. It will also polarize the world for or against God and will instantly change the global geopolitical climate. The warning will be preceded by the sight of a great cross in the sky with rays of light emanating from the areas where Jesus' hands and feet were nailed to the cross.
    • The miracle and the permanent sign—these miracles will be great proofs of the existence of God and will further serve to polarize the world for or against God.
    • The three-days darkness—this may be associated with a comet, but many prophecies seem to indicate that it will be a purely supernatural chastisement that will claim the lives of a majority of mankind, but predominately the wicked. During these three days, only blessed candles will provide light. The faithful are urged to stay in their homes, pray the rosary, and beg God for mercy. Those who survive will think they are the only ones left because survivors will be scattered so far apart. This event may be averted or mitigated with sufficient prayer and penance. After the three-days darkness, the Era of Peace (not to be confused with the Millennium) ensues. This is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Era of Peace she prophesied at Fatima. The Great Monarch and the Angelic Pope (or popes) reign during this time.
  • The "Angelic Pope" is elected. Some prophecies say that he is appointed by Sts. Peter and Paul themselves. He will be an exceedingly holy pope (not the false prophet as some Fundamentalists claim) who will, together with the Great Monarch, bring almost the entire world (with the exception of the Jews, who will be converted later) back into the Catholic Church. True faith will flourish during this time like never before. The Church will be greater and more universally accepted and respected than ever before in her history. It will be a time of unprecedented peace and prosperity.
  • The pope crowns a great Christian king—the Great Monarch—who comes on the scene when the war has been going for about four years, sometime near the three-days darkness (probably after). The pope that crowns the Great Monarch is most likely the Angelic Pope, although it might actually be Benedict XVI towards the end of his pontificate. The Great Monarch will work with the Angelic Pope to unite Europe, restore the legitimate monarchies, overturn the republics, defeat (and convert) the Muslims, and usher in a glorious new era of the Church. During this time, there will be twelve kings, one emperor, and one pope. Prophecy doesn't give much of a clue how the United States fits in the picture at this time. However, it seems that the U.S. may be considered to be an extension of the British Empire. The illuminati and other globalists refer to the American war of independence as a "schism that almost ruptured the Empire." However, the word "almost" implies that the Empire was not ruptured, and that the NWO considers the U.S. and Britain to be two arms of the same empire. It is possible that prophecies referring to England also refer to the U.S.
  • Some prophecies seem to suggest that a series of popes will reign during the Era of Peace, and that these popes are referred to as the "angelic pastors." The last of this series of popes may be identified with "Peter the Roman," who according to a prophecy allegedly ascribed to St. Malachy (but probably added later by a Benedictine monk), will be the pope that presides at the beginning of the reign of antichrist and the destruction of Rome.
  • Contrary to what some Fundamentalists may think, no pope will turn out to be the antichrist or the false prophet. While it is very probable that the false prophet will come from the Catholic hierarchy—most likely a bishop or cardinal—he will not be the pope. Likewise, some Protestants have speculated that Catholic prophecies regarding the Great Monarch were satanically inspired and that the Great Monarch will actually turn out to be the antichrist. It will be obvious that this is not the case, however, because the Great Monarch will cause everyone to worship "The Crucified One." Unlike antichrist, he will not claim to be the Messiah, nor will he accept worship from his people. He will direct all true worship to God.

The Major Tribulation

  • After about 25 years (this number seems questionable) of the Era of Peace, people once again become lax in their faith, the false prophet comes on the scene, the Great Monarch lays his scepter at Mt. Olivet, and the reign of antichrist begins. It is not clear what happens to the Great Monarch or Peter the Roman at this point.
  • Major tribulation lasts 3.5 years (but probably shortened for the sake of the elect). The major tribulation essentially picks up where the minor tribulation left off when it was "interrupted" by the reign of the Great Monarch.
    • Abomination of desolation.
    • Perpetual sacrifice (The Holy Mass) abolished.
    • People are forced to accept the mark of the beast (possibly microchips embedded under the skin (e.g. Digital Angel) for buying and selling. We are actually starting to see this on a limited scale during the minor tribulation.
    • Persecution of Christians on a scale as never before.
  • Two witnesses (Enoch & Elias) preach against antichrist. They work numerous prodigies and miracles, and they are invincible. One of them finally reveals the location of the ancient Ark of Covenant. Many Jews, upon seeing the Ark, are converted.
  • The seventh trumpet of Revelation is sounded just before the destruction of antichrist. The trumpet announces the imminent victory of Our Lord.
  • The two witnesses are murdered. Their bodies are dragged through the streets, but on the third day, they are resurrected.
  • Antichrist tries to rise to heaven and is struck down and destroyed by Jesus' Holy Spirit.

The White Horse Judgment and the Millennium

  • First instance of the general judgment occurs (the White Horse Judgment):
    • Jesus appears in sky on a white horse with armies of heaven arrayed behind him.
    • Jesus destroys antichrist, the false prophet, and all the wicked. This is a judgment of those who are currently alive only!
    • The wicked are slain by a "two-edged sword" that "comes out of the mouth of the one on the white horse."
    • Jesus does not come "in the flesh" at this point. It is His Spirit that does the work! This is known as the "intermediate" coming of Christ—a belief that was taught by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church!
  • The first resurrection occurs—the saints are resurrected to enjoy their "day of rest" in the Millennium. It is not clear what happens to the souls still in purgatory. My guess is that these souls remain there until their purification is complete, at which time they "pop in" to enjoy at least some portion of the Millennium. Some souls in purgatory may have to linger there until the final judgment.
  • Millennium ensues—the devil is chained. Evil is banished. World is restored to paradisiacal conditions.
    • This is the "seventh day" (the seventh "thousand years" of human history).
    • Described as an era of peace, time of refreshment, etc.
    • Jesus reigns in the Eucharist—same as He does now. The Church and the sacraments will still be present and required during the Millennium.
    • The Millennium is still a period of human history. It is not the end of human history.
    • This is not the heresy of Millenarianism that was condemned by the Church. The Church only condemned the idea that Jesus would reign for a literal thousand years, and also the idea that Jesus would reign "in the flesh" at a point still inside of human history. The Church has consistently taught that when Jesus returns "in His Father's glory" that it will be the consummation of all things—the end of human history (or outside of human history). He cannot reign in the flesh inside of human history— that is what was condemned. Another aspect that was condemned by the Church was the "carnal banquet" aspect, whereas some Christians believed (or still believe) that Jesus will reign in the flesh for a thousand years, and the elect will share in carnal banquets beyond the imagination. It is obvious to see why this was condemned.
    • This concept of the Millennium does not conflict with the generally accepted teaching of St. Augustine. St. Augustine offered four possible interpretations (or "ways" as he called them) of the Millennium, and this was one of them. He did not favor any one of the four "ways" over the other.
    • Throughout the Millennium, the faithful multiply and increase in numbers like never before.
    • The Gospel is finally preached throughout the entire world.

Armageddon, the Throne Judgment, and the End of the World

  • At the end of the Millennium, satan is unleashed for the final battle (armageddon). He works with gog and the "pagan people" of magog (although I don't know where these people come from) and surrounds the Holy City. God sends fire down from heaven, and satan and the evildoers are cast into hell. Thus begins the second instance of the General Judgment.
  • Second instance of the General Judgment (The Throne Judgment):
    • All of the condemned and all the souls who have lingered to this time in purgatory are resurrected. Purgatory ceases to exist.
    • Jesus appears as the great judge—on a throne, unlike the first instance, where He was on a white horse.
    • Jesus separates the wheat from the chaff. 
    • Evildoers are thrown into the lake of fire forever.
    • The elect are "raptured up" (very post-tribulation) as God creates the New Heavens and New Earth. The world is not destroyed—just recreated.
    • The Holy City (Jerusalem) descends upon the New Earth, but there is no temple to be found in the city, because God reigns with his people.
    • Thus begins the "eighth day" of human history. This "day" is actually beyond human history and will last for eternity.
    • This instance of judgment consummates the first instance. There are no surprises. Those that were damned either during their particular judgment, or during the first instance of the general judgment (for those that were still alive at that time) have no hope. They know their fate. Their fate is sealed. They are simply reunited with their flesh at this time and thrown into the lake of fire for eternity.

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