T7P Articles

This page contains several of my articles available either in HTML format, PDF format, or both. To view the PDF files, you must have Adobe Acrobat installed. Click here to obtain Acrobat.




  The Bible and the Communion of Saints

This tract answers those who charge that praying to Mary, the saints and the angels is unbiblical - even idolatry.  It also addresses the "One is the mediator between God and man" question.  

  The End Times—A Possible Sequence of Events

I have compiled a possible sequence of end times events based on my own personal studies.

  T7P Prayer Album Prospectus

Although designed as a promotional piece, this prospectus contains the text of the album liner notes for the first T7P Prayer Album.  Each song has a prayer intention and a biblical "blurb" pertaining to that prayer intention.  These blurbs are mini-tracts in themselves covering topics such as abortion, the culture of death, suffering, recognition of evil, and many more! You can download invidual songs from the prayer album and read the blurbs separately here.