Prayer music is a very special type of music, the purpose of which goes far beyond merely providing something that is pleasing to listen to. Each piece of prayer music has a specific prayer intention that the listener is encouraged to meditate on and offer to our Lord while listening. A team of prayer volunteers has been assembled to pray for the specific intentions of each song, as well as for the listeners of the music.

For background information about the spiritual nature of the music, click here.

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All music on this page is free of charge. You are free to download and use this music for your personal enjoyment. Of course, you may not sell the music or use it in any production.

Album I
Name of Song Prayer Intention
  (not available yet) Praise and Adoration
  (not available yet) Thanksgiving
  (not available yet) Penance and an appeal to Divine Mercy
  Looking for Jesus That all may earnestly seek to find Our Lord, and for the souls in purgatory
  (not available yet) An end to the culture of death, the scourge of liberalism, and the great apostasy
  Waltz for the Unborn An end to the worldwide abomination of abortion
  (not available yet) Peace on Earth
  (not available yet) For unity among Christians
  (not available yet) For all who suffer from disease, affliction, violence, abuse, or oppression
  (not available yet) For the Pope, bishops, priests, deacons, religious, and for an increase in vocations
  (not available yet) Recognition of evil
  Hail, Holy Queen To honor our Blessed Mother, and for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Era of Peace promised at Fatima